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Sajeshni Benning

Vice President

Company Profile

Small By Design​

So often people fall into the trap of thinking that only a big real estate company can effectively represent their interests.

Would it surprise you to hear that our Broker, Ron Benning, used to own one of the largest franchised real estate companies in the Greater Sacramento area?

In 2005 his company had around 95 agent in 2 offices. What Ron learned by owning one of the largest real estate franchises is that real estate is sold locally by individual real estate agents and that the big franchises provided minimal tangible benefit to the individual client.  

He found that large franchises located half way across the country did very little than to add unneeded rules and expenses.

When he sold his large company he decided to focus on the individual clients and agents working within his smaller more effecient company structure.

By keeping our space small and our staff light we are able to spend our resources more effectively marketing out clients properties and offering more attractive compensation to our Realtor/Associates.

With the technology that exists today hiring a big company no longer has any practical additional benefit.

"Make your next move the right move"..

Ron Benning

Broker and President

Jennifer Johnson

Executive Administrator