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Do We Provide Property Management?

"Make your next move the right move"..

One of the most common questions I get asked when talking to investors is do you provide property management?  I can certainly understand why investors are asking this question particularly if they live outside the Sacramento area.

Due to the complexity of the property management business and the fact that it takes several hundred units for a property management company to reach any real economies of scale we have decided it is in out best interest and the best interests of our clients to work with several reputable companies rather than trying to run a property management company ourselves.

This decision allows us to place our clients with the best management company for that clients individual needs. Depending on the type of property and location we might suggest different companies. In doing this we avoid the trap that many small property managers fall into by trying to be all things to all people.  

This also provides an opportunity for us to frequently check back with our clients to make sure their needs are being met. If they are not we will help you make the appropriate changes quickly to another reputable company.

Although we do not provide property management services directly we do have a good sense of then rental market and will provide rental comps upon request.